Tidigare Festivaler




"I am so grateful and honoured to have won the prize for Best Short Film at the Ransäter FF and also to have had the chance to participate and experience the festival itself. It is one of the most unique and amazing festivals I have ever been to with my film "Born Wrong" and the atmosphere and events during the festival were inspiring and very interesting. The festival director Alaska Bouvet, who puts his whole heart into making everyone feel welcome and wonderful, does such important and precious work by organising and arranging such an event! It was a mindblowing and unforgettable experience and the Q&A after the prize ceremony was one of the most interesting I have ever participated in"


Kaisa El Ramly winner best short, 2018




I had the chance to travel quite a lot with my movie "Minh Tâm", and Ransäter Film Festival will be for sure one of my best memories over the past 2 years. My movie got the award for Best Short Film of the first edition and the festival team invited me! The least I can say is that I had a wonderful time there. I was amazed by the organization, the warm welcome of Alaska and the audience, and by the quality of the films selection. And the location, stunning! A beautiful barn, that seemed to be lost in the middle of Sweden, gave a genuine spirit to the festival. I absolutely loved it! Minh Tâm also got the Audience Award. It could not have been betters.


Vincent Maury, winner best short 2016




I've been to dozens and dozens of festivals around the world and I've never experienced anything like the Ransäter Film Festival. For starters, it takes place in the middle of a fragrant pine forest. It is such a lovely and serene place, as soon as I arrived my entire body was infused with well-being. I was there for almost a week but the entire festival took place over the course of a single day. The festival is short and sweet, intimate and friendly; an intense distillation of the joys of short independent filmmaking. And I was lucky enough to win the jury prize that came with a wad of cash, so who could ask for more? They even paid for my plane ticket to bring me all the way from Canada! The place is so beautiful, the festival is so well-run, the people are so welcoming, I would go back in a heart-beat!"


David Uloth, winner best short 2017, for La Voce