Ransäter Filmfestival 2018 Read about earlier festivals here



Is a shortfilm festival that take place during one singel day at Ransbergs Herrgård. We focus on short film in any genre! We try to focus on international shorts because it´s a nisch that is overseen at the big film festivals in Sweden. But we accept swedish shorts.


We also think that it´s important that a geographical closeness exist to quality film from around the world. So that´s why we bring the film world to Ransäter once a year! 3:e edition will be held may 26th 2018.


* Your movie can´t be longer than 30 minutes

* Made 2016-2018

* If not spoken in english or swedish it needs subtitles in either language


A jury of four will choose two winners

* Best short 800€ and a diploma

* Honorable mention 400€ and a diploma

* Audience award Diploma (voted by audience)


We take care of the expences to bring the winners here








Jenny Jansdotter

Is a PhD student in Media and Communication at the University of Karlstad, Sweden. Parallel to her PhD-studies she is making a documentary partly emanating from her PhD research, and partly from her own lived experiences of being a women in pursuit of a career in the academic world. As a director she has made short films, documentaries, music videos and experimental films. She has also produced short and documentary films in her own production company, Vera Film.

Maher Abdel Aziz

Is a Palestinian-syrian artist and filmmaker and was born in damascus 1968.

Graduated from Fine Arts Painting & sculpting department, Damascus University - 1992. He finished a PhD in art in Chicago 2005 and also have bachelor degree in filmmaking and filmdirecting from SAE institute in Dubai 2007.Worked as an art educator, independent filmmaker and producer since 1997 and have exhibit his art in many different places around the world. Moved to Sweden 2013.


Alaska Bouvet

Makes movies in is own production company, Svartmon Produktion. Founder and organizer of Ransäter Filmfestival

Calina Ericsson

Have been study both art and film teory. Been active in Värmland since a number of years. Being creative is a time for complentation and the calmness that it gives her, but it is also the contrast in those meetings that appear that she finds absorbing. The facination for the intensitiy in filmmaking, as a form of expressen but also to watch, have captured her interest since several years.