Seven movies from five different countries where competing for 1200€. Five of the movies had swedish premier.


Winner best short and 800€ was Kaisa El Ramlys film Born Wrong:


"Two people in a car talking for 20 minutes, thats impossible to make interesting. But if you name is Kaisa it aint"


The honorable mention and 400€ went to Ombeline de la Gourneries film Kerloster:


"Going deep to the secrets of a place and its hidden myths is a difficult task. But to do it with such a smooth directors touch is impressive almost like running water"


Måns Berthas short Bitchboy won the audience award.


A Q&A with the winners where held at the after party in Tegelkällaren and Hans Appelqvist did a legendary concert


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Section 1 12:00-13:15

Section 2 14:15-15:15

Section 3 15:45-16:30

Born Wrong Swedish Premiere

Kaisa El Ramly


20:00 min

Born Wrong depicts a moment in the lives of two adult sisters in which they have to face one another in a shared taxi ride. The interdependently addictive relationship formed as children re-emerges as they take a psychological journey back to their childhood.

Kerloster Swedish premiere

Ombeline de la Gournerie


25:00 min

Three orphaned teenagers live in Kerloster. Religious-minded people in the village come to the youngest boy, Baptiste, to solve their problems as he is secretly known for his divine connection to the Breton saint, Saint-Yves-de-Vérité. When at little girl wants another boy dead for a crime he may or may not have committed, things start to get serious.

Adaptation Swedish premiere

Barthosz Kruhlik


25:00 min

Martin´s brother, Michael has died in a car accident. Their father accuses Martin as the guilty to his brothers death. What kind of a situation will Martin and his family have adapt to?

The woman weighing gold Swedish premiere

Jacques Louielle


20:00 min

The Woman Weighing Gold is an essay documenting the influence of capitalism on the Dutch painting during the Golden Age.



Mother Swedish premiere

Tarun Jain


20:00 min

Balram loses his father and ends up in a difficult situation with his sick mother. A banker reminds him that theres money to inherit but first after his mother dies. The need for money to find a husband for his daughter makes him think the unthinkable.



My gaysister

Lia Hietala


15:00 min

A relationship between two sisters are put to the test when a new role model appears for the younger sister Cleo. In the center of attention is the biggest question: How does one know that one is in love and are there any shortcuts to the answer? A short drama about the ability to create trust.




Alaska Bouvet


08:35 min

Naima is searching for her own creative voice but does not get any support from her mother. One day she meets Nina, their meeting will change her view on her self.




Måns Berthas


15:00 min

Lukas, a young dedicated metal head, is visiting his recently departed grandfather at the hospital. Despite the bloodline, he doesn’t want the old man to be buried in the family grave. Dark secrets come to light, and when opportunity comes, he seeks revenge.




Hans Appelqvist

Born in Höör, Sweden 1977. Has with record like Naima and his latest realase Svimming Pool created his own unique universe with eccentric melodies. He also writes film music and have received a lot of attention for his compositions, among them My Burden which won a Guldbagge award for best swedish short


Starts playing in Tegelkällaren around 20:00.


You need to confirm if you are coming!


Johan Gaellman

Likes to experiment with different materials, methods and expression in pictures, sculptures and installations. He also plays in Fridas puppet theather. Indian ink and graphite with a grotesque touch is a recurrent theme.

Giselle Reijers

She currently works mostly with black and white indian ink images. The graphic element creates a lots of contrast and line transitions. In her working flow she combines images and patterns in a way that suites her well. Two themes that often are recurrent is nature and the women body. She lives and have a studio in Karlstad

Ulrika Skog

Works with sculptures, mostly in clay. With her sculptures she expresses feelings from the darkest to the most light-weighted. The more serious sculptures are made as a reaction on society and the less flattering sides of humans, like the lack of love and empathy. Her curiosity draws her to use wood and rusty materials. But in the end she just tries to make the sculpture look like something that is not made of jusy plain stoneware.


Cecilia Stigevik

On a trip to Hungary in 2009 the hungarian artist István Halmi-Horváth compared her paintings with David Lynch´s expressions. Something dark and melancholy, a force that travels towards the light. Her paintings are said to be poetic but also weird with a surrealistic touch. To paint is to go inwards and trying to catch the evasive feeling in the present. Acrylic is the technic that she uses at the moment.



Jenny Jansdotter

Is a PhD student in Media and Communication at the University of Karlstad, Sweden. Parallel to her PhD-studies she is making a documentary partly emanating from her PhD research, and partly from her own lived experiences of being a women in pursuit of a career in the academic world. As a director she has made short films, documentaries, music videos and experimental films. She has also produced short and documentary films in her own production company, Vera Film.

Maher Abdel Aziz

Is a Palestinian-syrian artist and filmmaker and was born in damascus 1968.

Graduated from Fine Arts Painting & sculpting department, Damascus University - 1992. He finished a PhD in art in Chicago 2005 and also have bachelor degree in filmmaking and filmdirecting from SAE institute in Dubai 2007.Worked as an art educator, independent filmmaker and producer since 1997 and have exhibit his art in many different places around the world. Moved to Sweden 2013.

Alaska Bouvet

Makes movies in is own production company, Svartmon Produktion. Founder and organizer of Ransäter Filmfestival

Calina Ericsson

Have been study both art and film teory. Been active in Värmland since a number of years. Being creative is a time for complentation and the calmness that it gives her, but it is also the contrast in those meetings that appear that she finds absorbing. The facination for the intensitiy in filmmaking, as a form of expressen but also to watch, have captured her interest since several years.